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The Cons-Construct Team is made of proffesionals and specialists, who have gained the necessary experience in developing complex projects in the fields of construction consultancy, regarding health and security at work or technical-financial expertise.

By means of a modern management, with a dynamic, highly-qualified team, using cutting-edge technology, Cons-Construct promotes ideal solutions according to the client’s profile and expectations. At the same time, our staff is constantly keeping up with the changes that occur in the construction field, that of health and security at work or that of technical-financial expertise, adapting itself to the market’s new requirements and elaborating new quality and work efficiency standards, so that the consultancy services provided are in accordance with the realities of the market.

Our vision is defined by the values that best describe the perspective in which Cons-Construct visualizes its mission: professionalism, efficiency, excellence.

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Cons-Construct provides the highest quality services in the following areas of expertise: construction, business development, facility management, tourism, rural development.

The services provided by Cons-Construct include the following activities: project management, site inspection, technic-economic offer, technical support and building evaluation for administration taking-over, project development, investment fundraising, building evaluation and development, bank institutions, support for obtaining LEED, BREEAM building certificates.

Project Management

  • Programme drafting regarding the execution due date, quality requirements and financing budget assessment for all types of construction
  • Constant observation of the quality and quantity implementation of the Investment
  • Follow-up on the execution due date registered in the Execution Chart presented by the Contractor
  • Follow-up on the financial development of the project, in order to keep in the approved budget limit
  • Coordination of the Contractor’s activities with those of the other special contractors or service providers, protection of the work fronts at the building site, order, guard and P.S.I measures ensurance

Building Evaluation and Development/Exploitation

  • Building and equipment evaluation on their technical condition and depreciation level
  • Technical documentation examination (Technical book) and its correspondence with the executed project
  • Drafting of take-over documentation and follow-up of the building condition in the administration period
  • Maintenance work offer on various specialties
  • Development of technical solutions for maintenance interventions
  • Consultancy for identification and contracting with technical services providers
  • Building and land evaluation, including energetic audit reports
  • Exploitation proposals through reconfiguration, building destination change, etc, for more profitable renting or selling
  • Land evaluation through the best exploitation method
  • Take-over for administration and maintenance proposals

Project Development
Fundraising/ Investment Financing

  • Concept project evaluation
  • Business plan drafting for project development
  • Fundraising methods proposal, according to the project’s type and destination
  • Fundraising documentation drafting
  • Project preparation
  • Project development follow-up

Support for Obtaining
LEED/BREEAM Certificates

  • Project feasibility studies drafting (concept fase) for establishing the certification level
  • Necessary technical documentation preparation
  • Building quality improvement proposals for certification obtaining
  • Certification obtaining through partnerships with accredited audit companies

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The performance of the services provided by Cons-Construct is obtained, first of all, with the help of its high-quality standard clients, whose goals are constantly and completely fulfilled by our experts.

Unicredit Headquarters

Office building 2S+P+15E Expozitiei Blvd.

Technical-financial consultance


Project Management

  • Sediu Unicredit 1
  • Sediu Unicredit 2
  • Sediu Unicredit 3
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CITY GATE Building – Office Space Development, Expozitiei Blvd.

Project Management

  • Rompetrol 1
  • Rompetrol 2
  • Rompetrol 3
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CITY GATE building - Office Space Development, Expoziției Blvd.

Project Management
  • Romtelecom 1
  • Romtelecom 2
  • Romtelecom 3
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Bog'Art Steel

Pentaco precinct – Production Hall

Technical – financial consultance


Project Management

  • Bog'Art Steel 1
  • Bog'Art Steel 2
  • Bog'Art Steel 3
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Residential Buildings 1

S+P+8E - 79 Mihai Eminescu Str., 1st District, Bucharest

Project Management
  • Cladiri rezidentiale Str. Eminescu - 1
  • Cladiri rezidentiale Str. Eminescu - 2
  • Cladiri rezidentiale Str. Eminescu - 3
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S+P+5E, Luxury Apartments, Dante Alighier Str., Bucharest

Project Management
  • Cladiri rezidentiale Str. Dante - 1
  • Cladiri rezidentiale Str. Dante - 2
  • Cladiri rezidentiale Str. Dante - 3
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Office Building

78-80 Clucerului Str.

Project Management
  • Imobil birouri 1
  • Imobil birouri 2
  • Imobil birouri 3

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